To serve the Society as well as the community as a whole is an important need of the Community.

There are many human beings who live without basic necessities.There are many virtues to aid the helpless human beings from the Almighty. Today giving a penny will be the investment for the life of Hereafter and also the reward of helping others in this life too. Help is necessary in reaching the right people. Jamia Akkalkuwa is playing an important role to reach to the needy and helpless human beings on behalf of the Donors.

Bore Well

The trust has served the general public where there are water problems. We have completed 3340 bore-wells to solve water problems. We have identified the areas where there are water problem. This year we have successfully drilled 390 bore wells.

Widows Funding program

At present 185 poor widows (Beva) are registered in our Poor Widows Funding program. We are making payments to them on a monthly basis via their legal representative/ by hand / by money order by post to their addresses. Apart from this we are helping by giving funds to celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan to many poor widows and poor families. We are keeping complete account of the beneficiaries.

Resting Cum Worship Places

We have constructed approx. 5440 resting-worship places. We have a systematic arrangement for the approval of resting-worship places. The beneficiary must apply to us. We finalize the project cost after assessing the work to be done and listening to the representatives who apply to us.

There are 3 categories of approval 1st New construction, 2nd Ongoing construction and 3rd One specific category of work i.e. W.C. block, Doors and windows, Tins-Shed, Compound wall etc. This year we have provide to 490 resting-worship places.

Ramzan Iftar Aid Program

We provide the poor, needy, weaker and disadvantaged families living under poverty line Ramzan iftar aid. It includes necessary food grains, dates, clothes etc. We also arrange iftar programs at the residential centres in large as well as in disadvantaged areas for the general public.Our

representatives prepare the kits and distribute to the beneficiaries according to the instructions and guidance given from the Sponsors. There are many families who benefit from this program.

EID-UL-AZHA Food Program

We arrange every year food programs for the villagers, who cannot get Eidul azha food on the day of Eidul azha. Our aim is to reach the needy people who live in the poor areas. We select the areas where there is no food program for the general public. These are those people who cannot afford the cost of the food program, so how they can share. We have in place the network of our devoted representatives who take part to reach the needy families.

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