JIIU has not limited itself in its motive to fulfill the educational goals in the area of Maharashtra only but realizing the needs and facts JIIU has extended its educational activities all over India.

JIIU is presently running 82 residential educational centers (out of which 16 centers are exclusively for girls) in 99 districts of 16 states spread all over India. Apart from this non residential educational ,pre-primary centers are working in various states viz., Maharashtra (1819), Gujarat (139), Assam (02), Madhya Pradesh (63), Andhra Pradesh (40), Bihar (29), J&K (103), Karnataka (30), Manipur (01), Nepal (16), Punjab (68), Rajasthan (68), Uttar Pradesh (22), Jharkhand (41), Chattis Gadh (01), WB (107) in all 1,49,555 students are taking advantage of these centers.

2650 MAKATIBS (Pre-Primary) Education

The Jamia Akkalkuwa has spread its network of the makatibs all over the country. The villagers, rural people and the urban slum areas are the main target group of the network. The makatib is the emerge need of the community. The figure which you read of 2650 makatibs is at present

managed, maintain and run by the Jamia Akkalkuwa.There are many makatibs which we have subsidized and given the gradually increasing responsibility to the related trustees, representatives and managers of the makatib, now those makatibs are not in our list. So we are not only providing the fund but also we train the general public how to tackle the makatibs and its necessities. At present approx. 125000 students are imparting primary maktab taalim (primary education) in total 2650 makatibs.

We have appointed visitors for the different cluster of makatibs, to visit the maktab personally and will report us about the ongoing regarding taalim, presentee of students, punctuality of teachers etc.

65 Residential Centers

From start of the activities we have start to establish residential centers and added centers one by one. Till date we have established 65 residential centers out of which 54 for boys and 11 for girls. Boys students in 54 boys residential centers 29500 and 5500 girls' students in 11 residential

centers.These centers are inspected time to time with a view to continuity of quality in education, Kitchen maintenance, water, health and hygienic environment to grow the children in an efficient pose.

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship is an incentive as well as encouragement to meritorious students. JIIU gives special emphasis to award scholarships to the students who pursue professional courses.

Out Campus Schools and Colleges

There are many schools and colleges whom the Jamia Akkalkuwa assists in setting up, laboratory etc. This year the Jamia Akkalkuwa has supported 8 schools to set up their science laboratory and other infrastructure.

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