The Jamia Islamia Ishaatul Uloom, Akkalkuwa was set up in 1979 in the lap of the SATPUDA Mountain with the pious aim and goal to remove the darkness of the community and to train them in a standard manner by which they can be a qualified tutor for the villagers from where they are coming. The Trust has attained its goals only within the lifespan of 30 years. During this short run the trust have started many professional courses for which the community may not imagine in long term too.

Appeal & Gratitude


Alhamdulillah with the eternal mercy of Allah Jamia Islamia Isha’atul Uloom Akkalkuwa, a world renowned institution of Gujarat and Maharashtra State, has been serving the community for 33 years continuously with great fervour and eagerness. This institution continues to progress in various fields of education as the Jamia manages Madarsas, Makatib, Khanqah, & publication of Dawah and Islamic literature. In this way Jamia has created goodwill in the hearts of people and created love for Islam and Islamic instruction in

all realms of life. Hence , we request you to kindly strengthen our hands by way of donations & Duaa.

Of course it is difficult for us to run a great task like this but Allah Almighty has chosen us to continue this task. I request you all to make Dua for me May Allah forgive & save us and whole of the Ummah from miseries and difficulties.


From the country and out of the country there are so many well wishers who extend helping hands by way of monetary help and cooperation. Our good wishes and thanks to all of them. I thank all the faculties, well wishers, helpmates and all who remember the Jamia in their prayers Duaa

May Allah grant them all success and comfort in this world and the world here after, and give us Taufique to accomplish this noble need. Wassalam.

(Maulana) Gulam Mohammad Wastanvi President Jamia Islamia Isha’atul Uloom Akkalkuwa

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Dist. Nandurbar,
Maharashtra, India.

Phone: +91-2567-252 256,
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