Welcomes to Jamia Islamia Isha'atul Uloom

The Jamia Islamia Ishaatul Uloom, Akkalkuwa was set up in 1979 in the lap of the SATPUDA Mountain with the pious aim and goal to remove the darkness of the community and to train them in a standard manner by which they can be a qualified tutor for the villagers from where they are coming. The Trust has attained its goals only within the lifespan of 35 years. During this short run the trust have started many professional courses for which the community may not imagine in long term too.

News and Events
  • 15-12-2017

    Half-Year (Shash-Mahi) RESULT : All the students, teachers and parents of the Jamia Islamia Isha'atul Uloom are here by informed that the Shash-mahi result of 2017 examination have declared on 15th Dec 2017. Click on above link for result.

  • 15-12-2017

    نصف سال (شش مہی) نتیجہ :

    جامعہ اسلامیہ اسحاق العلوم کے تمام طالب علم، اساتذہ اور والدین کو یہ بتایا گیا ہے کہ 2017 کے امتحان کی ششمیہ کا اعلان 15 دسمبر، 2017 کو اعلان کیا گیا ہے. نتیجہ کے اوپر اوپر لنک پر کلک کریں.

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